Brazil and Nigeria fastest-growing VoIP destinations

15 Dec 2005

Developing nations are the fastest growing destinations for international VoIP traffic, according to the latest data released by TeleGeography. Brazil and Nigeria led the world in growth last year, with 112% and 103%, respectively. Bangladesh was a close third with 97%, followed by the Dominican Republic at 81%. Globally, VoIP traffic grew by 35% in 2004.

Since 2001, Latin America has been the largest destination region for international VoIP traffic, with 36% of the world market in 2004. Mexico accounts for almost half of the region’s incoming VoIP minutes, with 5.3 billion. The economic impact on Mexican carriers is significant, as VoIP is now used to carry half of all incoming voice calls.

TeleGeography estimates that international VoIP traffic will exceed 42 billion minutes in 2005, representing over 16% of the total international voice market.

This data is drawn from TeleGeography’s flagship report on the international voice industry, which has been published annually since 1989. To learn more about the TeleGeography Report and Traffic Database, please visit our website:

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