AIS to invest USD200 million in 3G

9 Dec 2005

Thai mobile operator Advanced Info Services (AIS) says it will invest USD400 million in its business next year, half of which will be spent on building its 3G network. It expects to end 2006 with around 17.3 million subscribers, in line with predicted market growth as a whole. The cellco is currently awaiting approval to begin 3G trials ahead of the auction of commercial concessions next year. The distribution of commercial 3G operating concessions has been delayed following a shake-up at the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), which is working in partnership with the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to allocate spectrum for UMTS services. In the interim AIS has applied for a temporary concession to allow it to test 3G services, something to which the NTC has agreed in principle. ‘The technical aspect of the plan has been approved, but there are some legal issues to be worked out,’ an NTC Commissioner told Reuters.

Thailand, Advanced Info Service (AIS)