TeleGeography PTC Conference Workshop

8 Dec 2005

Please join TeleGeography’s senior research team at the 2006 Pacific Telecommunications Council Annual Conference in Hawaii on Sunday, January 15 for a two hour workshop focused on global communications competition, network demand, and pricing trends. Workshop attendees will receive:

  • Data-rich presentations by TeleGeography’s subject matter experts
  • A unique opportunity to ask our analysts hard questions
  • A FREE copy of our brand new Global Communications Traffic Map

The workshop is free for registered PTC 2006 attendees. If you are not already registered, we have two special offers for you to choose from:


Register for the TeleGeography Workshop on January 15 and receive a free pass to the PTC Conference Opening Night Reception (normally $60) along with your free Traffic Map (normally $250). This special package is available for just $175 by using the registration form below:


Register for the full conference and mention either TeleGeography or iBasis, the Workshop sponsor, and receive 15% off the regular price of admission. You can use the standard PTC registration form here:

About the Workshop

Arm yourself with TeleGeography’s unique data sets and analytical insights before the meetings of the week. In a series of interactive presentations, TeleGeography’s senior research team will present its latest findings on global voice and data traffic growth, network supply dynamics, and market pricing trends. Specific areas of focus will include:

Wholesale and Retail Voice over IP: Living Up to the Hype?

  • How fast are TDM and VoIP traffic growing?
  • Is wholesale voice a growth market?
  • What is the potential impact of consumer VoIP services on PSTN providers?
  • What regional variations exist in the market?
  • How rapidly are consumer VoIP services growing?

Backbone Supply and Demand: The End of the Glut?

  • What factors affect demand for international capacity?
  • How fast is internet traffic really growing?
  • When will supply and demand reach equilibrium?

Bandwidth & IP Service Pricing Trends: Where is the Bottom?

  • How far have prices fallen? How much farther can they fall?
  • Will future network upgrades finally stem price declines?
  • Which geographies and service types have already weathered the worst? Which still face steep price declines?

This workshop will feature data-rich presentations, map handouts, and extensive question and answer time for TeleGeography’s analysts. Speakers will include:

Tim Stronge, Vice President of Research

Stephan Beckert, Director of Research

Alan Mauldin, Senior Research Analyst