VP Telecom holds off nationwide mobile launch

5 Dec 2005

CDMA operator Vietnam Power Telecom (VP Telecom) has delayed the nationwide launch of its mobile phone service because it has not completed interconnection projects with other networks. According to Dinh Quang Tri, deputy general director of VP’s parent utility Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), interconnection with rival operator Viettel’s GSM network has been established on a trial basis, and connections with VinaPhone, MobiFone, S-Fone and fellow newcomer Hanoi Telecom are pending. A full countrywide mobile launch had initially been planned for this month, but Tri said that ‘we will only provide the service when the network infrastructure is ready, which will ensure quality to users and ensure the proper earnings for us.’ He maintained that VP’s new service would make its national debut next year, but a specific date has not been set. Commenting on the shortcomings of existing mobile networks, he added that ‘we learned lessons from S-Fone, in terms of limited service coverage, and from Viettel, in terms of overheated development. So we will expand the service coverage and increase the connection capacity with other networks before putting it to the market.’ VP Telecom currently provides CDMA-based wireless in the local loop (WiLL) telephony and inner-provincial limited-range mobile services under the E-Com and E-Phone brand names.

Vietnam, EVN Telecom