DTAC develops 3G strategy to get round regulatory delays

2 Dec 2005

Thai mobile operator Digital Total Access Communications (DTAC) has come up with a cunning strategy to test 3G services while it waits for the government to resolve regulatory issues that are holding up any possibility of a full-blown launch. Last week the country’s Administrative Court threw another spanner in the 3G works when it invalidated the selection of members for the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC). Approval from the body and the new regulator, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), is required before any launch of UMTS services can take place as they have broadcast applications. However, DTAC has side-stepped the wrangle by applying for permission to conduct 3G trials on its existing 2G GSM-1800 infrastructure. If successful in its bid, the operator will be able to test consumer sentiment and readiness for advanced mobile services without needing to commit to a costly network rollout plan.