Telmex welcomes triple play talk

16 Nov 2005

Mexico’s dominant fixed line operator Telmex says it is in favour of a proposal by the country’s telecoms regulator CFC to introduce converged TV, telephony and internet services. The regulator said earlier this month that consumers would benefit if telcos and cable operators were able to provide so-called ‘triple play’ packages, and Telmex CEO Jaime Chico has now told a news conference that he broadly agrees with the strategy. Chico commented: “As a country, I think the best thing that can happen is to have more networks.” Telmex still controls more than 90% of the local telephony market in Mexico, and while cable TV companies have the capability to introduce telephone services on their networks the authorities have failed to implement the necessary legislation which would allow them to launch commercial triple play services.

Meanwhile, Telmex says it is about to introduce its first video conferencing service for both business and residential users. The firm eventually hopes to link with a US partner to tap into the large market of immigrant Mexicans who are now based in the US.

Mexico, Telefonos de Mexico (Telmex)