IPMobile to get 3G licence; DoCoMo signs up 50 million

11 Nov 2005

The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has said it will allocate a 2GHz 3G licence to IPMobile. The award will enable the operator to enter the mobile broadband market using TD-CDMA technology. It says it will introduce data communications in Tokyo, Nagioya and Osaka in October 2006, with nationwide coverage expected by 2012. The concession is expected to be awarded early next year.

In a separate story, number one cellco NTT DoCoMo yesterday hit the subscriber landmark of 50 million. The cellco, which first launched services in December 1979, claimed ten million customers by February 1997, 20 million by August 1998, 30 million by April 2000 and hit the 40 million mark in January 2002.