Number of internet users dropped in second half of 2004

19 Oct 2005

Colombia’s internet users fell 5.5% between June and December 2004, from 818,853 to 773,339, according to the country’s regulator, the Comisión de Regulación de Telecomunicaciones (CRT). In a new report, the CRT says that dial-up users using pre-paid and pay-per-minute services showed the biggest decrease, with contract-based dial-up use close behind. In total, dial-up users shrunk by 11%, from 727,561 to 646,234. The number of broadband subscribers, however, increased 28%, from 91,292 to 127,049. The country’s broadband penetration currently stands at just 0.2%, compared to 3.2% in Chile and 1.1% in Argentina. Broadband access in Colombia is almost exclusively available in large cities.