Wanadoo to launch 8Mbps LLU broadband next month

18 Oct 2005

Wanadoo UK is to become the latest company to offer LLU broadband at up to 8Mbps when it rolls out the service over the unbundled lines of incumbent BT at the start of November. The bulk of Wanadoo’s customers currently take services over BT lines re-sold by the ISP. It only began unbundling lines in August this year and currently offers LLU broadband services to around 500 customers in Leeds and Bristol. Wanadoo is planning to take over more lines in both cities and will extend the service to London, Manchester and Birmingham before the end of the year. Within the next twelve months it hopes to have LLU in 500 exchanges covering 40% of the UK population. The 8Mbps service will cost GBP14.99 a month for the first six months, before rising to GBP17.99, and will include free VoIP calls for a limited period.