Tele2 suspends fixed line investments

18 Oct 2005

Tele2 has announced its decision to suspend investments in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian fixed line infrastructure, citing lack of liberalisation as the primary reason for its actions. The company will continue to offer mobile and fixed line services to its existing customers in the three countries but will not be seeking new fixed line accounts. Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, CEO and President of Tele2 commented “We regret that, given the current regulatory environment in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, we do not, at this point, see any alternative other than to stop further investments in our fixed line operations. The implementation of the new EU legal regulatory framework is very late and the necessary work required to be done by the local regulatory authorities to ensure an open and competitive market has barely started. We are not able, for example, to launch broadband in these markets. Instead, we will focus on continuing to offer our successful mobile products and services to our customers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.”

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