Telecom Fiji to reduce rates despite rivals’ concerns

4 Oct 2005

National fixed line operator Telecom Fiji is forging ahead with plans to reduce call rates from Thursday, despite indications from rival carriers FINTEL and Vodafone that they may not follow suit. Telecom Fiji’s corporate communications manager Salote Uluinaceva says that subject to any fresh directives from the Commerce Commission, the company is ready to put the new rates into operation in two days time. The operator’s parent company, Amalgamated Telecom Holding, is mindful that lower rates will have a negative impact on sales, but it hopes this will be offset over time by increased usage. It is reassured, however, that its concerns over the possible negative effect of rate reductions would be addressed by the Commission, which has agreed to review the process in 15 months time. The chairman of the Commerce Commission, Thimas Raju, earlier expressed concern that FINTEL and Vodafone may try to derail the rate reductions by taking the matter to court. As yet, neither has carried out such a threat.