T-Mobile to take the CTU to court over MNP rules

30 Sep 2005

T-Mobile is to take the country’s telecoms regulator, the Czech Telecommunications Authority (CTU), to court next week to challenge the legality of rules which would force it to terminate fixed-term mobile contracts in the name of mobile number portability (MNP). Cellcos argue that the new rules on MNP, which come into force in January 2006, will undermine their customer contracts and have a detrimental impact on the market. Under MNP mobile phone users will have a legal right to freely switch to any operator active on the market, regardless of their existing contract with a mobile network operator. However, T-Mobile asserts that the CTU has no legal right to allow customers to breach their existing contracts, saying that ‘Portability is a good thing, but it cannot interfere with standing business contracts’.

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