Telefónica Móviles to fight América Móvil in its own back yard

29 Sep 2005

Telefónica Móviles says it plans to boost its mobile market share in Mexico, in a move that has thrown down the gauntlet to its main Latin American rival, and Mexico-based operator América Móvil (AM), in its own back yard. The Spanish heavyweight stopped short of announcing future investment plans for the country, but the head of its Mexican unit, Miguel Menchen Alumbreros, told journalists ‘For Telefónica, Mexico is a country that has a great growth potential.’

Telefónica Móviles currently has around 5.8 million subscribers in Mexico, compared with 32.3 million customers for Mexican magnate Carlos Slim’s AM venture. It is thought that Telefónica might attempt to boost market share by addressing the corporate sector, although it has not ruled out its efforts to grow its business in other market segments.