Telsur to invest USD20 million in Las Lagos broadband

28 Sep 2005

Chilean telco Telefónica del Sur (Telsur) is aiming to invest USD20 million this year to expand its broadband internet access services in the remote southern region of Los Lagos (region X) alone, according to BNamericas. The operator says that it has invested an average USD20 million each year in telephony and internet developments for the last five years across regions VIII to XI. With the new investment, Telsur aims to lead the region X broadband sector, where it currently holds a 40% market share; it is aiming for a 70% share in the residential market in the area by 2007. The company finished the first half of 2005 with an internet customer base of 31,794, up 66% year-on-year, as well as 50,201 fixed line telephony customers.

Chile, Telefonica del Sur (Telsur)