TEM has one month to decide on Ipse, but Quam deadline extended indefinitely

30 Aug 2005

Spanish mobile group Telefónica Móviles (TEM) has been granted extensions to its deadlines for the launch of 3G mobile operations in both Germany and Italy. TEM has a 57.2% stake in German 3G licensee Quam and holds 45.6% of Italy’s Ipse2000. The group spent more than EUR6 billion on the pair’s UMTS concessions in 2000, before writing off the investments two years later saying it no longer planned to launch services. After extended negotiations the German government has postponed indefinitely the deadline for Quam to either launch or sell its licence, whilst the Italian regulator has given Ipse2000 one month to roll out or sell up.

Germany, Italy, Ipse 2000, Telefonica Moviles Group