Ogero to blame for low internet penetration

25 Aug 2005

Lebanon’s monopoly fixed line operator Ogero has stifled the development of broadband internet services in the country because it was content to rake in the high revenues from its dial-up service, according to Lebanese news service Ya Libnan. Consumers currently looking to upgrade to high speed services must endure a long and arduous process to get connected and even then the service operates at speeds barely comparable to those in neighbouring countries. The report claims that because of Ogero’s stranglehold on infrastructure and its reluctance to roll out DSL technology, the only way to deploy high speed internet services is via either a fixed wireless or cable connection, both of which are costly. The lack of true high speed services means Lebanon’s internet market is now lagging well behind other Middle East countries. At the end of March 2005 internet penetration in Lebanon stood at 11.2%, up from the 6.8% recorded a year earlier but low compared to its neighbouring countries – the figure for Kuwait stood at 22.4% at the same date. The light at the end of the tunnel, says Ya Libnan, is Ogero’s recent announcement that it plans to launch ADSL services next year.

Lebanon, Ogero Telecom