30 companies to bid for Bulgaria's five P2MP licences

22 Aug 2005

The deadline for the purchase of tender documents for Bulgaria’s point-to-multipoint (P2MP) licences expired on 19 August, with thirteen companies registering an interest in two ‘Class A’ concessions and a further twenty intending to bid for the three ‘Class B’ permits up for grabs. Dominant fixed line operator BTC, wireless market leader MobilTel and start-up Nexcom Bulgaria are among the companies competing. The ten-year national concessions allow fixed-wireless operations in the 3.4Hz to 3.6GHz frequency band. The ‘Class A’ permits, with a capacity of 21MHz, will be auctioned on 11 October, and the 10.5MHz-capacity ‘Class B’ licences are scheduled for auction on 25 October.