Co-op counts its chickens before state’s spectrum plans are hatched

18 Aug 2005

Argentine telecoms cooperative association Fecotel has this week officially thanked the government for its willingness to grant it wireless spectrum due to be returned to the authorities by mobile market leader Movistar. Comarcoop – the start-up mobile operator formed by Fecotel, fellow association Fecosur and other cooperatives – is favourite to receive some or all of the 40MHz frequency allocation. However, the ‘thank you’ is premature, as the state has at least until the end of this month to announce a final decision on the process, and it still has the option of launching a public tender for the spectrum. Argentina’s second largest cellco, CTI Móvil, is one of the interested bidders, having announced a plan to acquire further spectrum to improve service quality.

Argentina, Comarcoop