Mobile usage up year-on-year

17 Aug 2005

Portugal’s telecoms regulator Anacom has released data relating to the use of the country’s mobile networks in the first three months of this year. 1.51 billion calls were made in the three months to the end of March, down 1.3% on the previous quarter but up 2.9% on the first three months of 2004. Around two-thirds of calls are between users of the same mobile network, while 21.5% are between users of different mobile networks. Just 8.1% of calls are made between mobile phones and fixed line networks. 625 million text messages were sent in the first quarter, down 8.4% on the last three months of 2004, with the difference explained by seasonal variations which sees increased usage at times such as Christmas. Portugal was home to 10.6 million mobile subscribers at the end of March, 81.4% of which used pre-paid packages. Mobile penetration stood at 101.6%.