Europeans warming to Unlicensed Mobile Access services

5 Aug 2005

According to a survey commissioned by Motorola, many Europeans are warming to the prospect of fixed-mobile converged services based on Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) technology. 1,000 respondents in six countries completed the survey, with more than 50% saying they would sign up to UMA within the next year if mobile calls in the home were priced the same as fixed line services. The survey, conducted by market research bureau BranJuicer, found that Italians, Swedes and Spaniards are most likely to adopt the new service, with people in the UK, France and Germany not far behind.

UMA allows operators to use broadband and wireless LANs as an alternative low-cost access network to the home or office. Users can seamlessly move from one access network to the other. Operators can therefore provide communications that are cost-effective in the home/office and the wide-area together with the convenience of a single handset with a single number, contacts book, voicemail and one bill. In addition, the delivery of wireless broadband to the mobile device offers the potential to provide new data services for subscribers.

Commenting on the survey’s findings, Margaret Rice-Jones, corporate vice president and region management for Motorola Networks EMEA said: ‘This research clearly demonstrates that the European market is ready to embrace UMA-enabled services, which in turn has considerable implications for Motorola’s vision of Seamless Mobility’.