easyMobile.com eases in

4 Aug 2005

UK MVNO start-up easyMobile.com claims it had signed up 15,000 customers at the end of June, just two months after it started advertising the .com company. easyMobile.com estimates that during the period it captured more than 10% of all online sales of mobile services and that its share of the pay-as-you-go segment reached 15%. Commenting on the company’s launch strategy, easyMobile.com’s chief executive Frank Rasmussen said: ‘Not only did we manage to implement the service and bring it into operation in two months, but we have also successfully made an impact on the UK mobile market’. Putting easyMobile’s success into perspective, at the end of June the UK mobile market was home to more than 63 million mobile phones. Network operator T-Mobile (UK) led the way with more than 16.12 million users (including MVNO Virgin Mobile’s customers), ahead of Vodafone and O2 on 15.32 million and 14.38 million respectively. Orange was in a close fourth with 14.33 million and 3 brought up the rear with 3.021 million.

United Kingdom