Republican goes to war with the Crazy Frog

29 Jul 2005

Irish politician Michael Finneran has called on the country’s communications regulator ComReg to put rules in place governing ringtone providers and other premium rate phone services. The Fianna Fáil (Republican Party) TD is concerned that Irish consumers are not fully aware of the costs involved when signing up for such services. ‘The popularity of ringtones such as ‘Crazy Frog’ has led many people to download them without realising that they are only part of a bundle of tunes they will be regularly billed for,’ Finneran claims. ‘What we need to see in place, are rules which will force content sellers to make it clear what people have bought and how much ongoing costs are. Also, that details of prices and how often people are billed are prominent in adverts. We need to be more active in seeking out offending firms rather than just investigating on a case-by-case basis.’