Datang is ready to go with TD-SCDMA

25 Jul 2005

China’s Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Limited, the developer of China’s homespun third-generation mobile standard TD-SCDMA, says that its new base stations will ready for commercial deployment ‘soon’. In a statement last Friday, Datang Mobile said that ‘TD-SCDMA technologies, network solutions, and terminal products have met all 3G commercial requirements and the first commercial base stations for the network will be launched very soon’. The company also attempted to debunk suggestions that the home-grown technology was not on a par with other rival technologies, saying that its slow pace of development was not likely to delay the award of UMTS licences on the mainland. China hopes to roll out 3G services no later than 2008, but TD-SCDMA needs to be ready before the MII will issue licences.