China Netcom Broadband forms JV with Autonomy

18 Jul 2005

Autonomy Corporation, a UK-based provider of infrastructure software for the enterprise sector, says it has forged a joint venture agreement with China Netcom Broadband Corporation (CNCBB) to bring next-generation ‘search’ technology to China’s rapidly expanding consumer internet market. CNCBB, which is part of the China Netcom Group, is the largest provider of broadband and fixed line services in Northern China with more than 110 million customers and 95% of the market in an area which includes the nation’s capital, Beijing. It recently entered into an agreement to receive significant investment from Hong Kong-based PCCW Limited. Under the latest joint venture, Autonomy will bring its enterprise retrieval knowledge and newly developed consumer technologies to help CNCBB reach an as yet untapped market.

Autonomy’s new technology will allow Netcom’s consumers to access next-generation features such as implicit query, TV search and Smart folders with an application more capable of accurately understanding the complexities of the Chinese language. Commenting on the joint venture initiative, Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch said: ‘Autonomy is unique amongst Western enterprise retrieval vendors in having successfully established operations in China as well as other Asian territories over a number of years. Joining with CNCBB enables us to build on this success and take our core technology forward into new high growth markets’.

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