Regulator’s report finds Swiss telecoms market lagging behind Europe

14 Jul 2005

Switzerland’s telecoms market is growing at less than half the rate in European Union countries, and the Swiss are paying higher mobile phone rates, according to the regulator, the Federal Communications Commission (ComCom). In a report released yesterday, ComCom says that growth in the sector was only 2% in 2004, compared with a 4.3% average in the EU. The market was found to be worth CHF11.9 billion (EUR7.63 billion), with a 2% rise predicted for 2005. The regulator explains the figures by pointing to the fact that the domestic market is closer to saturation point than many of its European neighbours. Looking at tariffs, the report found that the country’s call charges were above average EU prices, with Swisscom charging the highest in Europe at the end of 2004. Local fixed line calls were also comparatively high, although national long-distance were found to be better value.