H3G offers a USD10,000, 15-year golden handshake

13 Jul 2005

Hutchison 3G Italia (H3G) is offering its main rivals’ pre-pay clients incentives worth EUR9,000 (USD10,720) if they switch to its service. H3G says that users of either Telecom Italia Mobile or Vodafone Italy’s network signing up to its own pay-as-you-go service before the end of July will receive a EUR50 bonus credit every time they top up their airtime by at least EUR20 in a single month. The offer will last for up to 15 years, during which time H3G will also pay users’ government phone tax, equal to EUR5.16 a month for private clients and EUR12.91 for businesses. The deal is just the latest in a long line of incentives offered by Hutchison Whampoa in a bid to accelerate growth in its European 3G operations.