Samsung the latest to join the Vibo vendor get-together

11 Jul 2005

Korean electronics giant Samsung is the latest vendor to be contracted by Taiwanese 3G start-up Vibo Telecom ahead of its planned launch of W-CDMA services in the final quarter of this year. Samsung will provide ‘high end network equipment’ for Vibo’s infrastructure rollout, including base stations and switchboards, and joins Motorola and Ericsson on the project. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Vibo had originally hoped to introduce a commercial service in July 2004 under the brand name T3G, but is now targeting a launch nearer the year end. Vibo chairman Rock Hsu said his company’s rollout was originally slated to coincide with the introduction of mobile number portability (MNP) on 1 January 2005, which it hoped would provide a vital leg-up in luring subscribers away from the big three operators, Chunghwa, Taiwan Cellular and Far EasTone. However, the government’s tardiness in making available a CDMA2000 licence and the non-appearance of MNP has undermined and ultimately delayed its launch.

Taiwan, Taiwan Star (T STAR)