VP Telecom to expand nationwide by end of next month

7 Jul 2005

Vietnam Power Telecom (VP Telecom) has announced that it will roll out CDMA-based fixed-wireless services and intra-regional mobile phone services in all 64 provinces of the country by the end of next month. The telco, a subsidiary of state-owned utility Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), has earmarked VND3.2 trillion (USD200 million) for the rollout of CDMA 450MHz infrastructure, targeting two million subscribers in the process.

VP Telecom won a concession to provide domestic and international fixed-wireless telephony services in early 2003, and was licensed as the country’s third CDMA-based mobile operator in late 2004. By the second quarter of 2005 its CDMA2000 1x-based wireless in the local loop (WiLL) network covered 13 provinces and cities, including Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta area. In late April it deployed a VoIP and multimedia platform as well as a next generation billing system which enables it to provide single user bills for any combination of services including fixed line, VoIP and WiLL telephony, leased line services, videoconferencing, VPNs and internet access. It has scheduled the launch of residential internet access services for 3Q 2005 and plans to offer users limited-range mobile handsets with internet connection speeds of up to 80kbps.

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