T-Mobile to offer internet for free

5 Jul 2005

T-Mobile UK says it will launch the country’s first free mobile internet service later this year as part of its plans to stay in contention with rivals Orange, Vodafone and O2, and stave off the threat of burgeoning 3G operator Hutchison 3G UK. The new service ‘web ’n’ walk’ is already available to T-Mobile’s Austrian and German customers and will be launched in the UK before the end of the summer. According to the cellco, the service lets users access their favourite sites and search the net via the Google search engine. Rene Oberman, chief executive officer at T-Mobile, said: ‘With web ’n’ walk we are giving vital impetus to mobile internet usage. Our target is to attract several hundreds of thousands of new web ’n walk customers by the end of 2006.’

T-Mobile hopes the offer of free internet access will help entice new users, many of whom are currently being drawn to the aggressively low-priced tariffs on offer from H3G. Whilst T-Mobile currently has the highest number of mobile subscribers using its network, around a third of its total are customers of MVNO venture Virgin Mobile. Discounting Virgin Mobile’s customers, T-Mobile lags some five million users behind O2, Orange and Vodafone.

United Kingdom, T-Mobile UK