Vivo appoints new chairman; Telemar faces law suit

1 Jul 2005

Telefonica/Portugal Telecom joint venture Brasilcel, which operates under the brand name Vivo, has appointed a new chairman. Roberto Lima, the former chairman of Credicard, will replace Francisico Padinha, who will return to Portugal Telecom. Lima is set to take office today.

In a separate story, pro-competition watchdog the Economic Rights Agency (SDE) has filed a lawsuit against telco Telemar for violating competition laws concerning its internet access unit Oi Internet; Telemar offers special packages, including a free modem, for customers that sign up to ADSL through Oi Internet. SDE has ordered Telemar to stop the special offer; it faces a daily fine of BRL15,000 (USD6,388) if it does not comply.

Brazil, Oi