Cablevisión looking to launch voice services by year end

27 Jun 2005

Mexican cable TV operator Cablevisión is planning to launch voice telephony services by the end of this year as a carriers’ carrier and is currently negotiating an agreement to provide the service with a ‘leading telecoms operator’, writes BNamericas. According to Cablevisión’s Jean Paul Broc, the launch will coincide with the completion of the company’s network digitalisation programme; the project is currently 50% complete. In a statement to local press, Broc said that: ‘in the area of voice . . . I think we could have good news before the end of the year. We already have several prospects for offering the service’. Under Mexican law, cable operators are forbidden from offering telephony services unless they are partnered to an incumbent telco. Cablevisión’s move into the residential calls arena could benefit Mexican users. The company would have to heavily discount its services to lure customers away from their existing service providers, with some suggesting cuts of up to 40%-50%.