Tele2 lodges complaint over mobile access

24 Jun 2005

Tele2 has filed a formal complaint with the Spanish industry regulator CMT alleging that the country’s incumbent mobiles operators are obstructing its efforts to resell mobile services as an MVNO. The Swedish company is calling on the industry watchdog to takes action to redress the situation and provide it with access to the mobile networks of Telefónica Móviles, Vodafone Spain and Amena. Last month Tele2, which has successfully launched MVNO operations in six other European countries, said it had failed to secure a deal with any of the 2G operators concerning its plans. A law passed in Spain in 2002 paved the way for the introduction of virtual operators in the mobile market but crucially stopped short of forcing operators to provide access unless they wished to do so. The government has now commissioned the CMT to study new ways to develop MVNO services in Spain and the regulator’s report is due to be presented in July.

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