RegTP head pessimistic about Deutsche Telekom

2 Jun 2005

Matthias Kurth, head of Germany’s Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Posts (RegTP) has outlined what he sees as bleak prospects for the country’s incumbent telco Deutsche Telekom. According to Kurth, speaking to newspaper Die Welt, the former monopoly is expected to lose more than a million customers in the current financial year alone, as an increasing number obtain their telephone connection from an alternative provider. He backed up his statement by pointing out that Telekom had lost around 100,000 customers in March alone, and was troubled by a maximum last-mile charge that has recently been lowered by 10%, despite it appealing to RegTP for an increase. Kurth estimates that by the end of 2005 the alternatives will account for three million direct subscriber lines, with carrier pre-selection services also continuing to increase.