Swisscom runs into May triple play delay

31 May 2005

Swisscom Fixnet has put back its planned launch of television over broadband (IPTV) services to the first half of 2006. The launch of ‘Bluewin TV’ over ADSL had been scheduled for the second half of this year, but the company has run into delays in the development of the equipment it intends to use. In particular its set-top box currently has no internal hard disk and only one television channel available. The company’s aim is to launch a full TV service offering a broad range of television programmes, a set-top box with integrated hard disk and the possibility of recording and viewing simultaneously via a single ADSL connection. Users of Swisscom’s standard cable TV service already have access to an enhanced television package, ‘Bluewin TV 300’, including a hard disk recorder, which was launched in March.