VNPT slashes rental charges

27 May 2005

The Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Corporation (VNPT) is slashing its charges for fixed line phone rental by up to 40%, effective from 1 June. Cuts elsewhere will also bring down the cost of high speed internet access by 30% to 40%, while suppliers of telecoms and Internet Exchange Point (IXP) services look set to gain from a 40% reduction in rental on international lines. VNPT is also reducing the cost of transmission charges as well as rental fees: call charges for inter-provincial CoIP lines from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City are being cut to just VND34/minute, and calls for international VoIP lines are being slashed to VND0.06, from VND0.33. The incumbent is making the cuts to help stimulate growth within the country’s telecoms sector in order to attract foreign investment.

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