T-Mobile launches Wi-Fi

25 May 2005

T-Mobile Netherlands has commercially launched its Wi-Fi service and says the limited mobility service will be its only high speed mobile data offering until UMTS technology can match the transmission speeds of wireline solutions such as ADSL. TelecomPaper reports that at the launch of its wireless LAN service, T-Mobile Netherlands’ marketing director Pim van der Feltz revealed that the company sees Wi-fi as a more robust alternative to current 3G mobile services. T-Mobile has rolled out a network of around 500 WLAN hotspots across the Netherlands and plans to have 800 in place by the end of the year. Customers pay a monthly flat fee of EUR29.95 for Wi-Fi use, with a EUR10.00 discount for existing T-Mobile GSM customers. The German-owned company says it intends to launch UMTS services alongside Wi-Fi once the 3G network has been upgraded with HSDPA technology to provide better transmission speeds.

Netherlands, T-Mobile Netherlands