TDC challenges Swisscom and Orange in mobile price war

11 May 2005

TDC Switzerland has announced it is introducing a flat rate for pre-paid mobile phone users, in a bid to attract over 100,000 new customers. TDC, which operates under the brand Sunrise, says its new initiative targets low-volume mobile users. The move follows similar announcements from its main rivals, Swisscom Mobil and Orange Communications. Earlier this month Swisscom Mobil announced the launch of a new package named NATEL Swiss Liberty, featuring flat-rate call tariffs, marketed as an alternative to residential fixed line services; at the same time it announced a 40% reduction in wholesale termination charges on its network. Orange Communications is launching three new pricing offers in June, all featuring slashed monthly fees, plus a flat-rate tariff option.

Swedish pan-European operator Tele2 is due to launch mobile services over its own network in the Zurich area in mid-2005. It currently operates as a mobile reseller in Switzerland, leasing capacity on Swisscom’s network. It has been preparing to become a fully fledged GSM operator since winning 2×8.6MHz (43 channels) of GSM-1800 spectrum in December 2003.