Virgin Mobile launches first contract plan

3 May 2005

The UK’s biggest MVNO Virgin Mobile rolled out its first ever post-pay wireless call plan on Saturday with the claim that it is the only mobile contract in the UK to guarantee users a reduced monthly charge or the option of a new phone at the end of their twelve or 18-month plan. The cellco says that customers signing up for Virgin Mobile Pay Monthly won’t fall foul of what it terms ‘the industry’s month-13 catch’. It claims the trap means most mobile customers continue to pay a line rental charge past the end of their initial contract term that was only supposed to cover the operator’s costs for subsidising the price of their handset over a twelve month period. Virgin Mobile says that users reaching the end of its contracts will have the choice of either removing their monthly charge and only paying for their call costs or keeping the existing deal but receiving a new handset. Virgin Mobile’s new contract plan is available exclusively through Carphone Warehouse until August.

United Kingdom, Virgin Mobile UK