24% of Irish homes now ‘mobile only’ zones, says regulator

3 May 2005

Ireland’s Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) estimates that almost a quarter of the country’s households are now ‘mobile only’, with no family member having a fixed line subscription at all. ComReg’s first quarter 2005 ‘Trends Survey of the Telecoms Sector’ questioned 1,000 people between the ages of 15 and 74, and found that 24%, mostly from younger and lower income groups, did not use a wireline phone.

A major part of the survey was the investigation of inadvertent cross-border roaming onto the networks of UK operators. ComReg questioned 250 people living in counties close to the border with Northern Ireland (which is serviced by UK operators) and found that 63% had inadvertently roamed onto a UK network. 84% of respondents were concerned about the charges they were accruing for roaming, with only 1% saying they had received advice from their own network operator on what to do in such a situation. The survey also found that just 7% of respondents planned to sign up to 3G mobile services before July this year, while only 40% were even aware that such technology was available.