DSL decision goes TelstraClear’s way

22 Apr 2005

New Zealand’s competition watchdog, the Commerce Commission, has issued a draft ruling which should clear the way for the country’s largest alternative wireline operator, TelstraClear, to launch a nationwide high speed internet service. The Commission has revealed that it is in favour of forcing the dominant operator, Telecom New Zealand, to open up its DSL networks to rivals, allowing telcos such as TelstraClear to expand their broadband offerings. TelstraClear, the local division of the Australian operator Telstra, approached the regulator last November to ask for a determination on the issue and interested parties now have until 6 May to submit their comments.

Justifying the watchdog’s draft decision, Telecommunications Minister Douglas Webb commented: “Access by TelstraClear to the regulated bitstream service will increase competitive pressures in the broadband market and provides the opportunity to significantly enhance the speed, services and choice of ADSL broadband offerings available to all New Zealanders.”

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