easyMobile set for Dutch launch

8 Apr 2005

The Danish telco TDC has signed a wholesale agreement with the Dutch cellular operator Telfort which will enable the TDC subsidiary easyMobile.com to launch MVNO services in the Netherlands later this year. easyMobile.com is based on a model developed by the Danish reseller Telmore, which has captured 10% of the Danish mobile market since its launch in 2001 and is now owned by TDC. easyMobile.com launched in the UK last month and has made headlines thanks to a lawsuit filed by Orange which is attempting to stop the company using the colour orange in its advertising. The Danish company will be entering an already crowded Dutch mobile market which is currently served by five network operators and several resellers. By the end of 2004 the Netherlands was home to more than 15 million cellular subscribers and the penetration rate stood at around 93%.

Netherlands, Telfort