Broadband growth steady, but high prices still a deterrent

8 Apr 2005

The number of broadband users in Thailand jumped from 250,000 in 2003 to 400,000 last year, but the cost of services is still deterring a large chunk of the population from taking up high speed internet services, according to a survey by the National Electronics and Computer Technology Centre (NECTEC). The survey of 10,525 people found that 44.6% of respondents found the monthly payments of broadband services a deterrent, whilst 34.6% considered set up costs too high. Around a quarter of those questioned did not know the difference between dial-up and broadband services, with a similar number simply not sure of how to sign up for high speed access. Of those that did have access to broadband, the bulk (one-third) were aged 20 to 29 with a monthly income exceeding THB50,000 (USD1,260).