Telsur hones its broadband strategy

5 Apr 2005

Chile’s Telefónica del Sur (Telsur) has set out its business strategy for the remainder of the year, with the bulk of its spending aimed at expanding its broadband internet services. The telco says that it plans to invest USD12 million in broadband development in 2005. Last year Telsur’s broadband revenues grew by 34.9% as it switched its focus from voice telephony to internet access provision, and its latest strategy is predicted to boost broadband revenues to 15% of total turnover compared to 10% in 2004. Telsur expects its broadband user base (26,000 at the end of 2004) to rise by 45% this year. It also plans to develop its low-cost wireless internet access offering Innet, which currently has around a thousand subscribers, as well as expanding the geographical coverage of its ‘quadruple play’ service 4fullsur, a package including telephony, cable TV, broadband internet access and alarm system offered in partnership with satellite TV provider DirecTV.

Chile, Telefonica del Sur (Telsur)