BTC postpones Bulgaria’s third GSM network launch

4 Apr 2005

Former state-owned telco the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC) announced last week that it has postponed the launch of its national GSM network because of ongoing negotiations on interconnectivity with the other two wireless operators, MobilTel (MTel) and Cosmo Bulgaria (GloBul). BTC added that its participation in the bidding for UMTS licences had further delayed its launch plans, which had been scheduled for April but now look to have been pushed back to May. Ahead of launch, BTC has targeted corporate customers and is already offering packages to businesses that include a triple-play service comprising a fixed line, mobile and high speed internet connection. According to newspaper the Sofia Echo, BTC has even offered to cover firms’ expenses if they agree to drop their GloBul or MTel mobile service and switch to one of its new inclusive packages.

Bulgaria, Vivacom (BTC)