TOT Corp’s e-auction begins today

31 Mar 2005

Thai fixed line operator TOT Corp will today begin the long-overdue e-auction for bidding on a contract to supply an additional 565,000 fixed lines on the company’s PSTN. According to the Bangkok Post, Siemens of Germany, Ericsson of Sweden and Marubeni of Japan will all be participating in the auction. Under the new rules for bidding, the expansion project is being broken down into three zones, with each vendor submitting prices to deliver equipment for each zone. Bidders will make sealed bids for each zone, which will then be displayed on three boards simultaneously. A fourth board will also be used to allow bidders to submit total discount prices for the three zones. Siemens had previously been awarded the expansion contract with a THB7.5 billion bid (which was later cut to THB6.5 billion following negotiations), but the contract was later scrapped by the Prime Minister in favour of an e-auction.

Thailand, TOT