Ericsson and Sendo in patent spat

24 Mar 2005

Ericsson has taken legal action to stop the sale of Sendo mobile phones after claiming that the UK handset producer had infringed its key GSM patents. The Vice-President of patent licensing at Ericsson, Kasim Alfalahi, declared that there was no choice but to take Sendo to court, reiterating that it was using Ericsson patented technology without having signed a licence agreement to do so.

Meanwhile, Sendo has filed documents with the European Competition Commission relating to the unfair exploitation of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Policy. It claims that Ericsson and others are misusing the ETSI and its licensing regime and are in fact operating under the cloak of a cartel whose objective is to limit third party competition.

EU competition authorities have refused to comment on either case.

Sweden, United Kingdom