DTAC requests 2.5 million new mobile numbers

23 Mar 2005

Thai mobile operator Digital Total Access Communications (DTAC) has submitted a request to the telecoms regulator, the NTC, for 2.5 million new mobile numbers from state-run PTO TOT Corp. The incumbent previously allocated DTAC 11.7 million numbers, 7.8 million of which are in use, but the cellco says it is facing a possible shortage of numbers in the short to medium term. The NTC cannot issue fixed line or mobile numbers until new legislation is in place, meaning that TOT Corp must handle the duties in the meantime. Last month TOT Corp allocated a million new numbers to TA Orange (True Mobile), lower than the 2.5 million it had requested.

DTAC is also calling on the telecoms watchdog to scrap existing rules on access charges and replace them with a fairer system. The company paid THB7 billion in charges in 2004, but market leader AIS paid nothing as it is TOT’s concessionaire.