Ireland fails to impress in broadband price league

22 Mar 2005

According to a list published by the lobby group IrelandOffline, Ireland is the 27th most expensive country in the world when it comes to basic broadband services. While South Korea emerges as the cheapest location with a basic 2.5Mbps package costing EUR13 per month, followed by France with 8Mbps for EUR14.90, eircom’s basic 512kbps option costs EUR39.98 (including line rental). IrelandOffline blames the high cost in part on high line rental costs, which at EUR24 is around EUR8 more than the European average. Factoring this in, Ireland becomes even more expensive if you are looking for broadband over a standard phone line – as 95% of users currently do. To redress the situation the group argues that the regulator, ComReg, needs to urgently address the situation of LLU.

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