Vimpelcom to re-brand in April

21 Mar 2005

One of Russia’s leading mobile operators Vimpelcom has officially announced plans to re-brand its Bee Line GSM trademark from 4 April. Although it has declined to provide full details, it is understood that the cellco will introduce a new slogan and omit ‘GSM’ from its name. In addition, the company could replace its existing logo with a new round one with parallel black and yellow stripes, and introduce a new slogan – ‘Always With You’. The re-branding is seen as a crucial step for Vimpelcom in the country’s flourishing mobile sector. Whilst some analysts argue it negates all previous investments made on the company image and its strong association with its clients, others believe it could help the company as its strives to differentiate itself in a new mobile market where the introduction of high speed services are paramount to securing future success.

Russia, Beeline (Russia), VEON