Mobile carriers looking to win low-end battle

11 Mar 2005

The Chinese mobile operators China Mobile and China Unicom are hoping to recapture market share with the launch of a promotion to attract low-end users. The two carriers have been losing out at the bottom of the market to the limited mobility PHS services offered by fixed line operators China Telecom and China Netcom. While these offer a poor service compared with traditional mobile networks, they are cheap enough to have attracted millions of Chinese customers who otherwise may have signed up with the cellular operators. The SinoCast news service reports that Mobile and Unicom now plan to begin enticing low-end users away from PHS and onto their GSM and CDMA networks with a range of promotions. Mobile has already begun targeting the low-end market and as a result has seen its share of new subscriptions rise from 62% to 69% over the last six months.

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